We are one of the leading staffing firms focused on IT staffing, and talent solutions for IT Services needs for businesses, based out of Atlanta area, offering full range of IT Staffing services. With its unique ability of blending creative and strategic solutions, we address the toughest staffing challenges for your business. Today's technology business solutions not only demand high productivity, but also an unmatchable combination of quality and affordability. Paramount Software Solutions is geared to offer staffing solutions through its technical specialists in multiple areas like Consulting Services, Network Implementation & Support, Custom Software Development and Technology solutions, and many more areas that are critical for your IT needs.

Why Us?

Value, Respect and Partner…

.....Your goals, timelines, budget, systems security, and service quality is of immense value to every single Paramount team member. Your business needs sustainability and continuous growth - and we understand the commitment and focus it requires, and are thus able to implement the solutions to bring in remarkable business transformations.


The strength and expertise of Paramount are its pool of technical experts, and recruiters, who have very deep understanding of the technical trends, and industry scenarios, and are able match the right- fit solutions for your business needs, based on those foundations. In order to deliver the highest of quality service to your business, Paramount has developed service models to match right- fit resources and to stabilize project operations.

What backs your business decisions...
is our business.

Your decisions are mission critical to achieving your business goals. It requires access and confidence of being able to retrieve data – financial, operational, transactional, or market intelligence - in a timely manner. Explore our Boundless Insight Data and Storage Management.

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