Cloud Solutions

Paramount offers Hybrid Cloud Resources through its partnership with NetApp and RedHat, to support all of your data storage needs. This provides the advantage of having a private infrastructure without the insecurity of having to go through the public internet. You benefit by significantly saving time and reducing the latency of public cloud services. Now have the flexibility of operating within your own infrastructure with the added advantage of controlling access of both private and public users. Our partnerships with leading cloud solutions providers also give the opportunity to provide compatible solutions and products in platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Softlayer.

You thus have the advantage of
Reduced Costs
Multi- tenancy

Integrated OpenStack Solutions Efficiency:

NetApp and Red Hat continue to contribute to the success of OpenStack by more tightly integrating their products and services with OpenStack. The Red Hat and NetApp solution for open hybrid cloud with OpenStack features enterprise-level security, performance, availability, and data management to reduce your implementation risk and lower your overall total cost of ownership.

Collaborative DevOps Efficiency:

Our RedHat solutions support your DevOps methodologies, and environment by providing:

Software delivery assessments
DevOps efficiency analysis
Application Life Cycle improvement and management
Better collaboration, standardization and automation.

Paramount has the expertise and the experience of delivering DevOps the benefits with ONTAP Cloud:

  • Simplifying management of deployment, provision, and monitoring of storage infrastructure
  • Complete automation through a full suite of Rest APIs for deployment, configuration, and management of your ONTAP Cloud environment
  • Scale and grow your environment.

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