Paramount's range of data storage solution services allows us to give you simple storage management to small- and medium -sized businesses and enterprises without busting budgets.

With them, we can empower the data, storage, and acceleration processes through IT Operations Analytics. Then we can observe, analyze and correlate your IT and business data, giving you the tools to make informed decisions in real time.

Control, thanks to manageable dashboards.
Functionality and governance for cloud computation and storage optimization.
Active visibility and intelligent control over traffic flow from network to management.
Understanding of required traffic manipulation to improve your tools' performance and efficiency.
Analysis, compliance and security tools.

Paramount doesn’t display a line card containing every manufacturer and provider of IT technologies but are backed with research, training and certification to deliver industry best and acknowledged practices that provide you efficient and economical access to all your data for effective decision making.

Our team of experts will support you with services include storage administration and management, storage provisioning, capacity planning and basic problem management. Paramount team will partner with your team to provide the administration and service combining both on-site and remote system monitoring, preventive maintenance, firmware updates, upgrades, provisioning, backup and restore, replication, storage availability audits and much more.

The Paramount storage solutions practice concentrates on platforms and products that enhance our data and storage management process with proven solutions that inspect and intelligently filters data packets from concurrent traffic streams. All this in accordance with user-defined criteria before delivering the traffic to the relevant solutions.

Reach out to our storage experts to know what solutions/products would suit your needs, or how we could reduce your costs on your existing storage solutions.