Disaster Recovery & Management

Empowering you with Paramount's Technology Alliance Advantage to support your Business Continuity
Innovation to mitigate latency and accelerate data movement
The mastery of aligning with technology that has successfully deployed data replication over bandwidths as low as 2 kbps.
Disaster Recovery, migration or any vital data movement application
Minimize data, irrespective of network connection speed, so it can be sent over any network to execute replication phase.

Equipped with all the above advantages and expertise, Paramount then empowers the data, storage and acceleration practice with IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) providing an automatic opportunity to observe, analyze and correlate IT and business data from every corner of your network.

Paramount's IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) Solutions

Proactive Monitoring and Remediation, Optimization and Continuous Improvement, Pervasive Security Monitoring and Compliance, Business and Operations Analytics, IBM CICS Transaction Gateway Solution Bundle, Troubleshooting and tuning SharePoint deployments, Analyzes the HTTP traffic of the Citrix web front end servers, Web Optimization – Compression, ServiceNow Monitoring Bundle, Device Discovery, Cloud Monitoring.

To support your business continuity, our products and solutions are backed by NetApp expertise of providing cloud-based Disaster Recovery products which help in reduction of data center space and storage infrastructure, cost savings and provides flexibility.

Snapshot software: Point-in-time copy technology that makes instant data copies while your applications keep running
SnapRestore: Use stored Snapshot copies to recover entire file systems or data volumes in seconds SnapVault® software: Core replication-based disk-to-disk (D2D) backup for NetApp FAS systems
SnapCenter and SnapManager® software: Application-integrated enterprise data protection and clone management
E-Series: Cost-effective, reliable, and fast backup storage for backing up heterogeneous storage environments
WAN Optimization and Data Acceleration

Our partnership with Bridgeworks offers customers 95 to 98% utilization of the pipe they are already paying for. This means that with a simple fix, you increase the ROI of your infrastructure to enable businesses to work smarter, solving the universal problem of data movement over distance.

Bridgeworks' solutions offer a perfect fit for enterprises for backup, replication, disaster recovery, migration or indeed any vital data movement application in a hybrid world.

With WAN Optimization and Data Acceleration Solutions, Paramount offers a comprehensive array of services to provide best in class monitoring solutions including-

Data Movement Tracking, NetApp Acceleration, Commvault, Veritas, Veeam, IBM Spectrum, Caringo Swarm, Optimization through Machine intelligence, Performance maintenance, Fibre Channel, iSCSI, SCSI and SAS protocols support, Virtual Instance or as an Appliance, Transparent to Software, Servers, and Tape Libraries Transparency.

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