IT Staffing Solutions

IT Staffing Solutions

Divergent Thinking - Our key to providing excellence in Resourcing Solutions.

How We Do It...

Our recruiting processes are detailed and thorough to ensure that we hire the right candidate to fit your business needs. Being equipped with a large of pool of resources with different technical expertise, we on-board them in a timely manner, walking them through every processes, organizational culture, and skills, to ensure they are a right-fit for your business environment.

Contract and Contact-to-Hire Placements

Your business may not be in a position to take on a new full-time worker. Between project deadlines and budget limitations, contract (temporary placements) or contract-to-hire placement may be the ideal option. 

Contract and contract-to-hire placements not only enable your organization to acquire talent with needed skills quickly but also allow you to vet candidates before employing them full-time. For a one-off project, a contract might be the perfect way to acquire a highly skilled technical expert without a long-term commitment. If an expert rises above your expectations and aligns with your staffing needs, you can choose to hire them as a permanent member of your team. 

Our technical staffing capabilities go beyond connecting your business with needed talent. In conjunction with our staff augmentation services, Paramount’s dedicated payroll and legal team manages contractor health benefits and compensation requirements, thus eliminating the HR hassle of onboarding temporary employees.

Our network of candidates possess comprehensive technical capabilities, providing expertise in the following areas:

  • Data Management
  • Enterprise Systems
  • Applications
  • Project Management

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Temporary Project Teams

What if a contract, contract-to-hire or permanent hire doesn’t align with your operational needs? Many businesses may not have the resources or personnel required to take on specific projects and may choose to instead outsource this work. 

Paramount has a solid team of software engineers as well as two decades of proven performance within the IT industry, giving us the expertise and experience to take on a wide array of development and implementation projects. Whether you're looking to support a long-term, short-term or Statement of Work-based project, Paramount experts have the skills to meet the efforts of organizations in numerous industries.

Direct Hire Placements

As more organizations engage in complex projects, teams have to fill in holes in their expertise and skills. Recruiting a full-time expert, however, can be challenging given the high demand for people with specific technical capabilities. 

Paramount has a dedicated team of technical recruiters who understand the skills businesses require to operate in the modern age. Our technical staffing specialists not only ensure candidates possess requisite qualifications but will also contribute value to your business over time.

In addition, we take care to ensure that the professional will fit seamlessly into a team's culture using intensive evaluations such as:

  • Cultural Fitment Analysis: Will the candidate work well with people across your organization? 
  • Customized Matching Process: Do the candidate’s skills complement and augment your IT team’s existing skill sets? 
  • Intensive Pre-screening Processes: Choose talent from an extensive network of pre-vetted candidates known for their knowledge and professionalism. 

VMS and MSP Partnerships

Paramount has partnered and established long-term relationships with top-of-the-line vendor management systems and managed services providers. Using these connections, we have an abundance of resources and expertise to help develop strategic solutions in outsourcing and shared services environments. 

To learn more about Paramount Software's offerings and capabilities, please contact one of our account managers to discuss how we can leverage staffing to reach strategic objectives for your business.