Monitoring Solutions

Paramount understands how critical it is for you to be able to access your performance details in real time. With a dedicated, specialized team of experts to support your needs, Paramount's monitoring services are there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, helping you quickly identify and correct problems as they occur. Whether your issues are technical or security-related, we're there to help you resolve them.

This includes:

  • Real-time data and historical analysis infrastructure performance.
  • Easily accessible dashboards to determine performance.
  • Severity alerts based on criticality.
  • Early issue identification.
  • 24x7 escalations of alerts based on severity.

Additionally, Paramount offers a variety of packages, so you can choose whatever best serves you and your budget. This includes after-hours monitoring, problem resolution and outsourced end-to-end monitoring and issue management.

While 1Gb, 10 Gb, and multiple 10Gb pipes are becoming the norm, what are the challenges?

  • Utilizing the full extent of available bandwidths
  • Capitalizing on the capability it brings to your enterprise.
  • Iterating technology that will never deliver a step change to cope with the data deluge

What are the solutions?

Smarter, intelligent and self-aware software capable of learning, monitoring and managing the movement of large amounts of data over a distance without human intervention.

Liberate and accelerate data, allowing its use whenever or wherever you need

  • Machine intelligence to continuously optimize throughput and bandwidth
  • Acceleration and performance are unaffected by compressed, video, deduped or encrypted data type . . . accelerate your Big Data Strategy!
  • Simultaneous bidirectional transfers for replication across sites
  • Support for FC, ISCSI, FCOE protocols
  • Support for IP flows and Data Management vendors
  • Available as a Virtual Instance or as an Appliance
  • Transparent to Software, Servers and Tape Libraries
  • Release your business from the data movement problem
  • Makes Cloud-Based Solutions a reality for all

To support your budget and needs Paramount offers various packages – so you can choose the best- fit package for your needs.

  • SMB Basic - After hours Monitoring – Basic Package.
  • Enterprise / SMB Plus - After Hour monitoring + Problem and Issue resolution.
  • Enterprise Plus - Outsourced End- to-End Monitoring and Issue Management.